In a vibrational complex universe actual reality appears to be unique at various vibrational levels

My direction lets me know that all aspects (“densities”) are contained in the all-that-is to some degree like a Photoshop picture. There can be a boundless number of layers in a Photoshop picture, this multitude of layers are totally different from one another, yet every one of the layers influence one another. In Photoshop, layers can be made and obliterated, they can be switched now and again by the snap of a mouse. In any case, awareness likewise has this ability.

What is written in stone at one level is variable or programmable at a more elevated level. What is a ceaseless million-year pattern of environment cycles in a single aspect may not be so in another. This permits creatures through and through freedom to pick whatever thickness to encounter in.

A wonderful framework completely approves freedom of thought, and gives the open door to in a real sense an endlessness of encounters. At each vibrational level different actual regulations apply, and a planet can “bounce” to an alternate vibrational level. We can make a rough similarity here to a subatomic molecule like an electron, when it bounces starting with one orbital or energy state then onto the next.

The Force of Human Awareness to Co-Make

The force of awareness has the capacity to move its related actual reality to another energy level also. That is on the grounds that matter and energy are exchangeable, and actual matter is simply dense awareness.

The acknowledgment of the force of human cognizance to co-make what appears in our actual the truth is the boundary we should cross to lay out a valid and enduring development on this planet. It is the illustration all youthful and developing planetary societies should learn. It is the most troublesome example to learn, in light of the fact that in a materialistic third thickness co-creation seems like such a lot of rubbish, or absolutely stunning to by far most of individuals.

Co-creation appears to be troublesome on the grounds that in third thickness we are prepared to expect the future by what has occurred previously. Our recollections of previous encounters simply supports this. “How might little people modify the general powers of planetary circles and environmental change?” All things considered, genuine co-creation — a far reaching or animal groups wide settlement on a positive result or objective — has never been endeavored throughout the entire existence of planet earth since the last ice age. All in all, an animal varieties wide logical examination in the force of cognizance has never been directed (it would be excessively risky to the current framework).To say something is unthinkable before it has even been endeavored is unadulterated unreasonableness! We haven’t attempted it since we don’t completely accept that something like this is conceivable. Science lets us know that there are permanent regular regulations that can’t be intruded on or changed, and that main idiots have faith in such babble. In any case, this demeanor — really a strong vibrational direction — is the way the force of human awareness is co-picked, how we rout ourselves before we at any point start. Our own conviction frameworks keep us down.

The force of human cognizance is unbelievably perfect

We ought to attempt it! Truly there is no reason now, with an overall correspondences framework set up. At the point when I had my little talk with my Higher Self, I was helped pretty much all to remember the shows I did on Blog Live Radio, the Meeting With Soul show and I started to comprehend that the data bestowed during those shows wasn’t simply otherworldly gibberish! It was genuine, genuine data. Those shows were about the multi-layered universe and the co-inventive force of cognizance, and the force of awareness to pick an alternate reality and in a real sense climb the layered/vibrational scale to an alternate thickness. At the point when I at last let go of my own poo, it resembled a light came into my cognizance and I could see reality. We do co-make our world! We can climb the layered scale and stay away from gigantic disturbances, whether those interruptions are Universal Conflict, decimating environmental change, or an all-out worldwide monetary implosion.

The watchword here is can

Mankind has freedom of thought to pick. In the event that we decide to stay conditioned in third-thickness thought, we will essentially make centuries a greater amount of what we have encountered up to now. The earth will proceed, unavoidably, to rehash the environment cycles we have encountered for the beyond million years. Nothing will truly change, except if we use the co-inventive force of our own awareness.

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