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Software for online auctions was where the company Softswiss, which was established in 2008 and has its headquarters in Curacao, got its start. Since then, however, they have made a successful transfer into the realm of online gambling and are now providing software to a number of different casinos.

Considering that Softswiss is competing against heavyweights that have been in the iGaming market for a much longer time, this is an outstanding accomplishment.

They’ve made a name for themselves by putting an emphasis on cutting-edge technology, pioneering ideas, and adaptability in their customer service. In addition, Softswiss was one of the first companies to design gaming systems specifically for Bitcoin casinos.

Having said that, if you like playing blackjack as well as Bitcoin, then you should consider playing there.

In light of the latter, let’s talk a little bit more about what the software version of blackjack has to offer in terms of table layouts, visuals, and games. In addition to this, we will go further into the corporation itself and discuss the locations of their several blackjack iterations.

A Brief Overview of the Soft Swiss Version of Blackjack

A small selection with variations requiring many hands
There are a total of five distinct blackjack games available via Softswiss, two of which are of the multi-hand kind.

Although there are many different multi-hand blackjack variations, we do not consider them to be wholly distinct games. Because of this, we consider the range of games offered by Softswiss to be somewhat limited.

The primary distinction between the conventional game and the multi-hand variation is that the latter allows you to play anywhere from one to three hands on each round. Many players will find that they have just as much pleasure playing single-hand blackjack as they would playing blackjack with three hands since it takes nearly as much time to set your bets for three hands as it does to play one hand.

The visuals

When playing blackjack with SoftSwiss, the visuals will change based on where you are looking on the table.

The most authentic elements are the cup holders made of steel and the wooden border of the table, both of which bring to mind the atmosphere of a traditional land-based casino.

The stacks of chips at the rear of the table are another feature that appeals to us since they provide a lot of detail, including reflections from the chips themselves.

The feeling is far too subdued, which takes away from the exciting nature of the game. There is room for improvement in the visuals used for both the card shoe and the backdrop curtain.

In general, the presentation of the Softswiss blackjack game is unremarkable and does not enhance or diminish the user experience in any manner.

Table Arrangement

Beginning with the table view, this blackjack software presents a distinct visual departure from the majority of the programs that we have tested and evaluated.

The games developed by Softswiss bring you down to the playing field, rather than providing you with an aerial perspective.

This viewpoint is not one that we like for since it gives the impression that you are staring out over a vast sea of green felt. If Softswiss was trying for a realistic vantage point, this isn’t going to cut it since the perspective gives the impression that your face is near to the level of the table.

A further distinction is that the chips are shown in a floating state above the base of the screen. The right side of the table is often designated for chip play in blackjack games.

There are a variety of chip denominations available, including $1, $5, $10, $25, and $100.

You will also find a banner in the rear that informs you that the minimum bet is one dollar and the maximum stake is one hundred dollars.

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