The measures by which Betfair promotes responsible gaming

Keeping Wild Coaster a certain balance while playing is an essential and mandatory aspect to keep in mind. Disorderly gaming behavior can have negative consequences. In order to prevent these effects, online casinos, including Betfair, adopt measures that support players. Read on and find out how you can be helped to maintain responsible Betfair gambling or close your Betfair account if gambling is no longer a source of entertainment for you!

Why is responsible gaming important?
With the acquisition of player status, each customer of an online casino, such as Betfair Casino Romania , must ensure that they maintain their balance in the activity they carry out on the platform. In fact, responsible gambling involves maintaining balance in managing the financial resources available for gambling. Losing this balance can lead to negative effects from a financial point of view.

Balance during the game involves judicious management of the money available for the game and matching the value of the stakes to that of the balance. Adopting such measures will prevent considerable financial losses and shortened playing time.

To remember!
Online casinos promote responsible gaming behavior and support players with certain measures to control imbalance.
Methods for supporting Betfair Responsible Gaming
The casino encourages players to adopt responsible gambling behavior immediately after registering with Betfair . To this end, Betfair account limits have been created for players to apply if they deem it necessary. You will also learn how other players close their Betfair account, a Betfair account closure being the last resort that can be adopted. Find out more about these Betfair Responsible Gaming measures below!

Exclusion of minors from gambling
Banning minors from gambling is the most important measure because it protects minors from participating in gambling. Every page of the site displays the 18+ logo and KYC verification of the account is done rigorously. Account verification prevents minors from creating an account on the platform or playing.

However, the casino advises account holders not to give minors access to the devices they play on.

Managing your monthly gaming budget for a responsible Betfair game
In order for players to experience responsible betting Betfair, the casino provides players with a monthly spending calculator. With its help, players can calculate their monthly expenses, thus estimating whether or not they have exceeded their available gaming budget. By doing so, they can figure out whether or not they have over budgeted.

Repeated exceeding of the amount of money available for gambling should be a sign of concern and an alarm signal, this heralds the beginning of the development of irresponsible gambling behavior.

Professional assistance
The casino also offers a page dedicated to the support and assistance of vulnerable players who engage in irresponsible behavior. They can find here information about organizations that offer counseling to prevent gambling addictions.

Also here, information is also available on the legislation that prohibits access to gambling by minors. In addition, players can chat with casino advisors via live chat. Conversations will be confidential, so you can safely discuss matters related to responsible gaming.

To remember!
Players also have a range of information to help them understand how gambling works. Then players can also use a budget journal, or self-assess with the questions available in this section.
Time and money limits for responsible gambling Betfair
The casino also offers Betfair account limits that players can use. For example, one of the limits by which you can ensure Betfair responsible gambling consists in blocking the account for a certain period of time . So, you can use this limit to block access to your account for one day, two days, 7 days or 30 days.

As long as you use Betfair account limits, you cannot access the account in any way, and if you have active bets when the limit is activated, they will be canceled and the funds will be returned to the account balance. You can activate Betfair account limits in “My Account”, more precisely in “Player Protection”.

Players can also make use of Betfair financial limits , this means you can set a maximum limit for a Betfair deposit . By using financial limits Betfair allows players to limit their deposits for a period of one day, one week or one month.

So you can set up a daily deposit limit, for example, not being able to exceed the deposit limit during that time. You can increase the limit chosen by you, but the change will become active within a maximum of 7 days.

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